Self-Directed Services

What is Self-Direction?


Self-directed services are grounded in the principles of self-determination and give waiver participants and families greater control over the services they receive, how they receive them, and who provides them.


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The enrollment process consists of just three easy steps.

Inquire with us, set up an enrollment meeting, and we’ll process the necessary paperwork so you can get started.

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Self-Directed Services
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Roadmap of self directed services

What are Self-Directed Services ?

As a Self-Directed Services (SDS) provider, The Arc Central Chesapeake Region processes payroll for your employees, processes payments to vendors for authorized goods and services, and provides tax-related information to state and federal authorities on behalf of the participant.

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Self-Directed Services Participant Satisfaction

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Respondents are self-directed participants supported by The Arc Central Chesapeake Region’s Self-Directed Services

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When contacting The Arc’s Self-Directed Services team with a question or concern, the team is professional and courteous.

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The Arc’s Self-Directed Services program pays employees on time.

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Participants report the likelihood that they will continue to use The Arc as their self-directed services provider.