Living Options & Services

We are committed to matching people with tailored living options, reflecting their personality and lifestyle.

To promote self-determination in how people with a disability live, The Arc makes safe, affordable, and accessible housing available along with the appropriate supports.

Being self-determined means having choices, making decisions, and following through on plans for ourselves. For too long, decisions were made for and about people with a disability without any input from the person whose life was being shaped. This lack of self-determination is especially evident around where, how, and with whom people with a disability live. At The Arc, we are committed to helping people take charge of their life, of learning and practicing self-determination, and making their life the one they envision. Our focus on self-determination doesn’t mean people with a disability shouldn’t value input from family or close friends; it means making their own decisions about what needs to happen to improve their quality of life.

Each person has differing needs and interests in how and where to live. We believe deciding where and how to live should be an intentional choice. As such, The Arc facilitates the following options in helping the people we support thrive:

Community Living

In this option, one to four adults with a disability live together as housemates, each with their private bedroom and with shared living spaces. The Arc owns the home and provides for the maintenance and upkeep of the home and property in a typical renter/landlord set-up.

Additionally, The Arc brings in the needed resources for residents such as in-home supports, nursing care, managing money, and transportation. Trained professionals help people in their personal care, meal planning, shopping, cooking, getting to appointments and activities, and thriving in the community.

Personal Supports

Personal supports are services that help people with a disability, from early childhood through retirement, live as integral members of their home and community. These supports can be used within a broad scope of options depending upon individual needs. Personal support services can involve assistance with dressing or bathing, keeping to a schedule, maintaining a household, or getting around without a car. There is not one prescribed way of utilizing personal supports, but the focus is on creating skills and experiences that improve self-sufficiency and quality of life.

Shared Living

Shared living promotes shared lives. In this option, an individual, couple or, a family share their home with a person with a disability. The Arc facilitates a good match around hobbies and interests, living styles, and personalities. This option allows people with a disability to widen their network of friends and experiences outside of Arc staff support.

Supported Living

The Arc can also help people with a disability in their own home with Supported Living services, facilitating independent living in the community. This option focuses on a person’s individual needs in a home not owned and maintained by The Arc. While Arc staff do not live in the home, they can be easily reached for emergencies.

Interested in The Arc’s Services?

At The Arc, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our services. Our team takes time to fully understand your goals and develop opportunities that are a perfect fit for you and your family. The admissions process at The Arc consists of four basic phases, designed to identify the best options to achieve your specific goals. Learn more here:
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