They need your help…

Sometimes you just can’t manage alone. Do you ever get that feeling?

Kelly is a teacher. She needs to work year round to make ends meet. Her son, Kyle, is 14 years old; Kyle has WAGR Syndrome, Autism, developmental delays, is a cancer survivor, and was born blind.

Kelly used to receive funding for respite services – specialized childcare to take care of Kyle while she was working. But, with recent budget cuts, Kelly has seen those resources slowly disappear. She now has to choose between taking care of her son, and working to provide for her family.

Kelly isn’t alone in this struggle. There are hundreds more families, like hers, that need your help.

With your gift to the Family Fund, you are giving respite and ensuring that moms, like Kelly, have access to the resources they need for their children to thrive.


Yes, I want to make a difference for families in my community!

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