Day Services

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At The Arc, we are committed to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in taking charge of their life, learning and practicing self-determination, and making their life the one they envision.

The Arc’s Day Services connect people with a disability to the community to learn, engage, and thrive. Trained staff work with each person individually to develop their meaningful weekly schedule. Day Services operate Monday through Friday between 9 am and 3 pm and can leverage existing community resources or staff member’s support to develop new resources and connections. For example, a Tuesday morning could start with yoga or weight training before lunch, followed by a budgeting workshop at a local library. Wednesday’s plan will be different and might include using The Arc’s computer center for employment-related activities and then volunteering in the community. The Arc’s Day Services can be facilitated with funding through DDA’s Day Habilitation, Community Development Services, or a contract for those in self-direction.

There is no one universal schedule; each person’s unique interests and talents inform their weekly plan. From health and wellness to self-advocacy, the arts, money management, career, and social skill development Day Services help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities build experiences and skills that nurture continued growth and independence.

Learn: Strengthen personal skills and abilities with the needed supports, accommodations, and resources that accelerate achievement.

Engage: Being intentional in how and where you spend your time is integral to a connected life in the community. Each person’s talents and interests are unique, and our Day Services support people with a disability to develop new interests, expand on existing interests, and fully engage in their community.

Thrive: Through Day Services, we are a partner and facilitator in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they build their personally meaningful life. Each person carries unique interests and goals, and daily schedules are developed to support those choices, interests, and goals.

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Interested in The Arc’s Services?

At The Arc, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our services. Our team takes time to fully understand your goals and develop opportunities that are a perfect fit for you and your family. The admissions process at The Arc consists of four basic phases, designed to identify the best options to achieve your specific goals. Learn more here:
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