Behavioral Health

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The Arc’s Behavioral Health builds on our holistic approach to services, which allows for flexibility in helping people understand and access the services that best fit their needs; from early childhood through retirement.

People are complex. We are each made of thousands of different experiences. Our perceptions, motivations, relationships, cultures, and individual biology make us the people we are. All of these aspects affect our mental, physical, and emotional well-being, known as our behavioral health.

When this happens, we can behave in a variety of ways. Some behaviors help us, and some do not.

We know that people’s behaviors are far more than communication. They can help us cope with our thoughts and feelings. Acting a certain way may help us feel better or protect us from frightening or sad experiences.

However, we may not always choose the best, most helpful behaviors to accomplish this, and we can compromise our behavioral health in the process.

Our approach to Behavioral Support Services is a shift to Behavioral Health – an inclusive approach to a person’s whole life, not narrowed down to the assessment of behavior.

Here at The Arc, we take the time to understand you – your experiences, relationships, dreams, fears, and all aspects of your life. Our holistic approach focuses on you, not solely on the behaviors that sometimes get in the way.

Together we will:

  • Work to understand the full kaleidoscope of a person’s life and focus on the mental, physical, and social factors that contribute to behaviors.
  • Develop creative, individualized strategies that target the root causes of behaviors.
  • Bring expert clinicians with a person-centered approach together with a robust set of resources.
  • Include family and staff in the learning process.
  • Incorporate continuous feedback and continuous improvement strategies that help people thrive.

Through creative problem solving, consistent communication, and agile services, we help create an environment that encourages daily success for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.