Workforce Inclusion

Let our workforce strengthen yours!

Are you looking to hire talented, dedicated, and dependable people? You’ve come to the right place. Hiring people with a disability makes excellent business sense.

The Arc is committed to helping businesses build an inclusive workforce, one that leaves behind old limiting beliefs and embraces a culture of opportunity. We understand that expanding your workforce can sound daunting, but we’re here to be your partner in hiring and retaining talent. The Arc brings a streamlined, transparent process to helping you find the best people to contribute to your company’s success.

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“At Starbucks, creating a culture of diversity and inclusion where everyone is welcome is part of our Mission. From our company’s beginnings, we have always strived to be the example for being a for profit company that leads through the lens of humanity.

Having the opportunity to bring Kristin and Kara onto our team at Starbucks Cambridge has truly added an element of positivity and humanity that we would not have found without our great relationship with The Arc of the Central Chesapeake Region.

Kristin and Kara bring to the table a passion to learn that truly is rare. They are the first to volunteer for any new learning or experience, and are also encouraging excitement from our other store partners. In the short three month both girls have been employed at Starbucks Cambridge, we have seen an increase in employee morale which has led to an increase in many of the metrics we our measure our success with.

Again, I am so thankful to The Arc of the Central Chesapeake Region for believing in my team and I and allowing us to share in the sheer joy that is workplace inclusion. We have learned life lessons that will carry with us throughout our lives. We are a living testament that proves inclusion is truly meant for everyone. “

Glenn Brown III

Store Manager, Starbucks in Cambridge, Maryland