Workforce Inclusion

Let our workforce strengthen yours!

Are you looking to hire talented, dedicated, and dependable people? You’ve come to the right place. Hiring people with a disability makes excellent business sense.

The Arc is committed to helping businesses build an inclusive workforce, one that leaves behind old limiting beliefs and embraces a culture of opportunity. We understand that expanding your workforce can sound daunting, but we’re here to be your partner in hiring and retaining talent. The Arc brings a streamlined, transparent process to helping you find the best people to contribute to your company’s success.

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Meet Alana!


Friendly and approachable, Alana is the perfect person to welcome you to Panera in Arundel Mills/Hanover. For over two years, Alana has not only been the “employee who gets it done” but is the touchpoint to a customer’s experience that makes a difference.

To hear Alana tell it, “I like working with people and helping them when they need help – and I also like keeping things organized!” This is the kind of work ethic and attitude that makes her so successful in her role in the quick-service restaurant environment. Alana refined her skills in customer service at her first position at Maryland LIVE.

Throughout both roles, she has made a firm commitment to ensuring every customer gets a good experience on her watch. In fact, she’s built such a good rapport with her customers that they know her by name and look forward to seeing her when they visit.

Early in her career, Alana was supported by an Employment Coach who assisted her with the ins and outs of professionalism in the workplace and building rapport with co-workers. However, the “secret sauce” in her success is her own positive outlook on her life and the effects her actions have on those around her.

The support Alana receives from The Arc Central Chesapeake Region comes from more than the Workforce Development Program. She also takes advantage of the organization’s Day Services and Enrichment programs, which connect people with intellectual & developmental disabilities to the community and to each other.

The Arc’s day services activities are tailored to each person’s unique interests and talents, which inform their weekly plan. During Enrichment Program activities such as Bingo and Cooking, Alana’s generous spirit shines through and she makes sure her friends also get their needs met, helping others understand the instructions or just generally encouraging them to do well at the activity. A common phrase she uses is “It’s going to be okay – just do your best!”

Alana is living her best life every day. At work and at play, she is thriving with the support of The Arc and her community.