Page 4 - The Arc CCR Annual Report 2023
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  Breaking Ground on
Port Street
The Arc is bringing a new kind of resource to the community.
The Eastern Shore of Maryland has a distinct history, culture, and opportunities for the families that call it home. However, the region faces real challenges.
Port Street Commons, which will
serve as The Arc’s new Eastern Shore Headquarters, will be a unique resource developed in response to community requests for greater choice in disability services, better access to mental health services, and more affordable housing opportunities in the region.
Port Street Commons will be a 24,000-square-foot multi-purpose space located in the heart of Easton, MD, and will include both The Arc at Port Street and The Residences at Port Street.
As The Arc’s new Eastern Shore Headquarters, The Arc at Port Street will support the organization’s growth and operations throughout the mid-shore. With a Community Hub, Behavioral Health suite, and office and training spaces, The Arc at
  For more information or to support the capital campaign, contact
Port Street Commons

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