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The Arc Central Chesapeake Region (The Arc) was founded in 1961 by parents who wanted equity, access, and opportunity
for their children. At the time, their belief that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) deserved the same opportunities for self-determination and self-advocacy as any other community member was groundbreaking. We are proud to say that six decades later, The Arc continues to move the needle forward as an innovative community leader dedicated to building the services that people with IDD tell us they need to live the life of their choosing.
When it comes to expanding and enriching our services, we continue to grow and lead the way across the region—and the state. While we provide Arc-facilitated services such as Living Options & Services, Workforce Development, and Behavioral Health for roughly one-third of the state, we also support participants self-directing their services statewide.
Our current strategic plan, Leading Boldly, continues to guide and support this ongoing growth across the organization. Over the last five years, The Arc has transformed how services are delivered, increased opportunities for leaders at every level to collaborate, and deepened our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
At The Arc, we are still 'breaking ground'—not just literally with Port Street Commons, The Arc’s new Eastern Shore Headquarters, but as an economic leader in the region, a service provider revolutionizing what high-quality services look and feel like, and as a compassionate and inclusive employer that sees the value and potential in all our employees.
We've grown to support over 3,000 people with IDD and their families throughout Maryland, offering comprehensive programs that support people to live, work, and connect with their communities. From tripling the number of participants self-directing
their services to seeing exponential growth in requests for support from families with young children, The Arc's services are
in high demand. Growth brings many new opportunities to deepen our services, and quickly and efficiently scale to meet our communities' needs. It also asks us to slow down and reflect upon the strengths that have brought us here and the areas where we can continue to innovate. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting things about The Arc is how our teams continue to find creative solutions to the challenges we encounter as we grow, all while ensuring the highest quality of services possible.
We've grown to employ over 500 people throughout the region. It is everyone's drive and passion that allows The Arc to support the community in so many ways. The Arc welcomes employees of diverse backgrounds, striving to create a workplace where all feel valued for their contributions. The Arc is an actively growing organization, and that growth brings new skills, experiences, and voices to the table. Employees report they are encouraged by everything from the constant innovation in our services to the resources available, the opportunities for employee engagement and collaboration, and the quality of their workspaces.
We believe in the power of our people and significantly invest in our employees' health, happiness, and well-being. From making compensation across the organization more competitive, creating opportunities for leadership at every level, and creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging—The Arc is constantly finding new ways to invest in its employees' personal and professional success.
Being at the cutting edge of what's possible in our communities and in people's lives has been our driving force since 1961, and it is still the driving force that keeps this organization thriving today. Our strength is our ability to imagine new initiatives, possibilities, and futures.
As you read this year's annual report, you will see that The Arc's ongoing legacy of breaking ground is one we proudly continue. We are grateful for your ongoing partnership along the way.
Jonathon Rondeau
President & CEO

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