Page 11 - The Arc CCR Annual Report 2023
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 Scattered site housing prevents the concentration of low-income housing
in specific areas. By dispersing housing options, community members can benefit from improved infrastructure, increased economic activity, and enhanced amenities. This diversity contributes to developing vibrant and dynamic communities that reflect the broader population.
Creating mixed-income housing offers flexibility and individualization—residents can choose housing options that align with their preferences and needs, whether proximity to work, schools,
or specific amenities.
Creative partnerships are helping
to bring new housing opportunities
to the community. In 2022, Chesapeake Neighbors partnered with the Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS) to create permanent supportive housing for people transitioning out of homelessness. Within many of the Chesapeake Neighbors’ new developments, units have been specifically allocated for this type of housing.
Chesapeake Neighbors focuses on the property, managing and maintaining the units. In contrast, TIS focuses on providing case management and quality services. Like its other partnerships, each organization can focus on what it does best while tackling a significant community need. ■
The Primrose House
The Primrose House is a historic former boarding house located in downtown Easton, MD. Chesapeake Neighbors purchased the property in 2022. Following the renovation of the main house and the construction of two small carriage houses on the back of the property, The Primrose House will boast ten modern rental units.
Following its philosophy of creating diverse communities, The Primrose House will be a mixed-income property, with some units renting at market rate, some targeted explicitly for low-income earners, and one for someone transitioning out of homelessness.
Construction will begin with the multiphase process in 2024.
The Residences at WB&A
The Residences at WB&A is a new construction, vertical duplex
to be built on the corner of WB&A and Delmont Ave in Severn, MD. Chesapeake Neighbors purchased the property in 2022. Both units will have two bedrooms and one bathroom, with the ground floor unit boasting universal design and additional accessibility. The Residences at WB&A will support Anne Arundel County’s workforce housing program, targeting individuals and families making 60% AMI or lower.
Construction will begin in Fall 2024.

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