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Our primary goal is the health and safety of the people we support and our staff. We want to assure you that we are carefully monitoring the situation through updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the state of Maryland. All non-essential businesses must close by mandate of the Governor of Maryland. The Arc is an essential business, and will continue to provide critical services to those in group homes, personal supports homes, medically or behaviorally necessary drop in supports, FMS, and other services to support people with disabilities. 

UPDATED MARCH 24, 2020, 7:00AM


Office Closures

All Arc offices remain closed, until further notice. This includes The Arc’s Headquarters in Severn, and the Annapolis, and Easton offices. The Arc’s mainline will continue to be answered Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. You can reach us at 410.269.1883, or

Impact to Programs & Services

At this time, The Arc’s services will continue with significant modifications. In addition to this, we have cancelled all events, admissions meetings, information sessions, and non-essential trainings. These modifications are until further notice.

Living Options & Services: If you have questions, please contact Kelly Paparazzo, Director of Living Options & Services (Anne Arundel County), or John Rutkowski, Assistant Director of Programs, Mid-Shore (Mid-Shore).

  • Community Living: All Arc group homes and personal support houses will continue to operate, and people supported should plan to stay home. Visitors are discouraged from all Arc group homes; staff schedules will be modified to reduce the number of people coming and going in each house.
  • Personal Supports: Personal supports will operate with modifications. Effective immediately, personal supports will only be provided to those with significant medical or behavioral health needs. Families and employees should contact their Support Manager with questions.

Anne Arundel County Day Services: Closed starting March 17. All people supported in Day Services are encouraged to stay home. Please contact Brittany Ellis, Assistant Director of Day Services with all questions.

Anne Arundel County Employment Services: Closed starting March 17, until further notice. The Arc will not be providing job supports or transportation until further notice. Please contact Laura Degler, Assistant Director of Workforce Development with all questions.

Mid-Shore Day & Employment Services: Closed starting March 17, until further notice. All people supported in Day Services are encouraged to stay home.  The Arc will not be providing job supports or transportation until further notice. Please contact John Rutkowski, Assistant Director of Programs, Mid-Shore with all questions.

Fiscal Management Services: The FMS Team will continue to serve SDS stakeholders in a telework capacity. Stakeholders can continue to use team members’ contacts as indicated on the FMS Contacts & Resources document and can continue to open customer service tickets. In the event that you are having difficulty receiving a timely response to an inquiry (within 24 hours), please feel free to reach out to Tracy Davis, Director of FMS, whose information is available on the FMS Contacts & Resources document. Important payroll notice: all timesheets are due by Friday at noon, until further notice. See FAQ’s for more information.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will send out further communication if access to services change.


The Arc continues to monitor the coronavirus situation in Maryland. The Governor, Maryland Department of Health, and the Developmental Disabilities Administration urge all of us to follow universal precautions recommended by the CDC.

Managers and Team Leaders will review these protocols with staff at every shift until further notice.

  • Frequent and regular hand washing; remember to wash for at least 20 seconds with soap and water; Use only paper towels to dry hands
  • At least daily, disinfect surfaces; Remember light switches, door handles, and faucets (For The Arc’s group home, please reach out to the Maintenance team for questions regarding what products to use on the specific flooring in your house)
  • Avoid touching your face including your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • The Arc’s no children at work policy continues to be in effect. Only the Chief Program Officer and/or CEO can make an exception to this policy. We continue to work with DDA to get greater guidance on this during the coronavirus crisis.
  • The people we support should not leave the house, except for approved medical appointments or medical emergencies. If a person supported has a unique situation, in which they need to leave the house, please contact your Regional Manager/Assistant Director.
  • Visitors are restricted from all group homes and personal support homes. Please contact your Regional Manager/Assistant Director if someone from outside the house needs to visit. Dimensional will be limiting their visits and will be doing most 45-day reviews, interim reviews, and HMP training via video conference or phone. Staff who do not live in the house, but need to come and go for scheduled shifts are permitted.
  • If a family wants to take a person supported home, please contact your Regional Manager/Assistant Director. If a person supported goes home with family, they will not be allowed back to the house until further notice.
  • Reminder: For live-in employees, only the people listed on the live-in agreement can be in the house until further notice.
  • With the beginning of spring, spending time outside at your house is encouraged, as well as walks and getting exercise. Please remember to follow social distancing guidelines.

For any employee who has or are planning to travel out of the country, you must contact People & Culture before returning to work, even if you are symptom-free.

Developmental Disability Administration

Please see links below for official communication to families, from DDA.

March 20, 2020


What do I do if I have symptoms of coronavirus or the flu?
Symptoms include cough, temperature above 100.4, shortness of breath, and fatigue. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, or have been around confirmed cases of the flu and/or coronavirus – stay home, and contact your manager immediately. 

  • For people we support, consult your Nurse Case Manager and coordinate this with your Regional Manager/Assistant Director to keep people quarantined from others in the home; Report concerns and questions to your Nurse Case Manager Immediately. The Chief Program Officer must be aware of any person served who may have or is diagnosed with coronavirus.
  • Employees should stay home if you are experiencing any of the symptoms or have been around confirmed cases of the flu and/or coronavirus. No employee will lose their job for missing work during the coronavirus.
  • For employees who miss work related to the coronavirus, they will need to use sick leave first, then other accrued leave to cover their time off. If a staff exhausts all leave, People & Culture will approve leave without pay. Contact People & Culture if this occurs.
  • If you are out of work related to coronavirus, before you return to work, you must contact People & Culture to be cleared for return to work. We encourage you to consult a healthcare professional with any health concerns, please advise them of your profession.
  • Live-in employees who may be experiencing symptoms must consult People & Culture for guidance and should not access other parts of the house except their personal space. Before returning to work, employees must contact People & Culture to be cleared.
  • You must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to work; We encourage you to consult a healthcare professional
  • Live-in staff who may be experiencing symptoms must consult their Regional Manager/Assistant Director and should not access other parts of the house except their personal space until symptom-free for 24 hours
I am an employee of The Arc. Who do I call with questions?
If you have any questions about protocol, please refer to recent internal communications, or contact your department/division head.
How long are offices closed?
All Arc offices will close effected Wednesday, March 18, until further notice. This includes The Arc’s Severn, Annapolis, and Easton offices. Administrative employees may begin to telework Tuesday, March 17, please coordinate with your manager. After March 18, all administrative employees must begin to telework and may only return to any Arc office before they reopen with approval from the CEO. The Arc’s main phoneline will continue to be answered, offsite, Monday-Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

  • Management employees and nonexempt, hourly administrative employees must telework effective Wednesday, March 18. Please follow telework guidance from People & Culture.
  • Direct Support Professionals whose programs are closed or operating in a reduced capacity should contact their manager to be reassigned or may use leave. If you are not reassigned, you will be paid regular scheduled hours, not to exceed 40 hours per week.
  • Executive staff will hold daily conference calls during the telework period.
Is the Arc still hosting events or trainings?
No. All meetings, sponsored events, trainings, social gathering, etc. will be cancelled until further notice.
Is FMS still running payroll?
Yes, your FMS Team is working remotely. In order for the FMS Team to better serve your payroll needs while we work remotely, timesheet submittal deadlines will be adjusted. ALL TIMESHEETS ARE NOW DUE FRIDAY BY NOON until further notice. Timesheets should indicate hours worked through Saturday of the pay period, but times will need to be estimated. Any corrections to previously submitted timesheets must be received MONDAY BY NOON. Please ensure it is noted at the top of the timesheet that the submittal is a correction.  This protocol is common for holiday timesheet submittal as indicated on the 2020 Payroll Calendar.

FMS - Important Accounts Payable Notice
Due to our system limitations while we work out of the office, we ask that submittal for payment/reimbursement includes 1 invoice per email only. You are welcome to submit as many emails as necessary, but please attach only one invoice per email. Further, there is a necessary modification for Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) payments. MTA does not accept payments made via, our payment system. As a result, payment requests for this vendor will be delayed. Our recommendation is that family members cover the cost and submit payments directly to MTA.  An expense reimbursement request should be submitted to the FMS by the individual who covered the expense.


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