The Arc Central Chesapeake Region is proud to announce that Jonathon Rondeau, President and CEO, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. A coalition of more than 6,800 businesses statewide, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce is an impactful group of business leaders from across the state that drives business growth for the good of our communities.

“I am honored to join the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and contribute to the growth and development of our communities at the state-level,” said Jonathon. “I am encouraged by the ways the Maryland Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities for businesses and non-profit organizations, especially progressive and innovative organizations like The Arc.”

Over the last six years, The Arc has grown as an economic leader in the region. As an employer, The Arc now employs more than 560 people to support Arc-facilitated services and corporate enterprise, and the 2,500 Participants in their Self-Directed Services program employ more than 6,000 employees across their teams.

“The Arc is an entrepreneurial enterprise that tackles systemic community issues by providing high-quality services aligned with our mission and creating the vibrant, inclusive, diverse communities we deserve aligned with our vision,” said Jonathon. “We continue to grow and expand our services and initiatives in ways that align with the needs and wants of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and support networks, and our communities throughout the region.”

As The Arc continues to be an important economic leader, creating new jobs, providing innovative services, and spearheading community development strategies, The Arc will continue to establish meaningful partnerships with like-minded changemakers throughout the state, including those in the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

The initiatives and projects The Arc is preparing to launch promise incredible opportunities for economic impact, community revitalization, and redevelopment throughout the region. Jonathon’s membership on the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s board means the perspectives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be well-represented at the table.