Your Impact Matter 2022 Annual Report
From the CEO
Photo of Jonathon Rondeau

Jonathon Rondeau
President & CEO
The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

For our Direct Support Professionals, it’s more than just a job.

Our DSPs are the backbone of every service we provide at The Arc, using their countless skills and endless passion to support the people we serve every day.

They may work as mentors, coaches, and advocates all in the same shift, and because no two days are the same for a DSP, they must continually find new ways to innovate, motivate, and improve.

And they do. That’s what makes our DSPs at The Arc different. They are leaders in their own right who bring a variety of diverse experiences and backgrounds to their work. They are engaged, thoughtful, and trustworthy people who share The Arc’s mission and vision.

When I ask our DSPs why they love this work, the answer is always the same; it’s the personal relationships and the incredible bonds they develop with the people they support.

This year’s report focuses on the impact our DSPs make in people’s lives, and I think you’ll agree that their impact is profound. There are DSPs like Shawn and Lindsey fostering greater independence through skill building and Tammy, who motivates people to connect and engage with their community.

There are leaders at every level of The Arc, and that absolutely includes the most critical people in our workforce. We are proud to share the stories of these three leaders with you and highlight the ways their very different DSP roles make an impact through service. 


The Arc creates opportunities for people with disabilities to live, work, and connect with their communities, where and how they choose.
1,746 People supported through Self-Directed Services

People Supported in Self-Directed Services

*Based on the number of people served in FY22 

1,255 Opportunities Created Through Programs

Opportunities Created Through Programs

*Based on the number of people served in FY22; people receiving multiple services are counted more than once

Impact Through Service.

Below are 3 stories of success over the last year. Thanks to your support, these are just a few of the successes we’ve seen. For more stories and updates on how your support impacts people with disabilities, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our Impact Journal by contacting

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Shawn Penn - Direct Support Professional (DSP)


Shawn came to The Arc because she was looking for a way to be more connected and give back to her community. She had family members in the direct service field but no experience with the work herself. What she did have was a desire to serve and a passion for supporting people.

Now, Shawn works at the Department of Agriculture full-time during the week, and as a Community Living Assistant on the weekends supporting Patricia, Shawn, and Hannah.

Shawn loves that her role provides so many opportunities for genuine connection on the weekend as they drink tea and talk about their weeks together. "When you really get to know people, you just build such a strong relationship," she said.

Because of the relationships they have built, they are able to identify meaningful goals together and make those goals a reality. Patricia, for example, expressed a desire to learn to read, so Shawn took it upon herself to begin teaching Patricia the letters of the alphabet. Scott mentioned wanting to develop his math skills and refine his writing, so once again Shawn found workbooks and is leading the way on making this happen. When Hannah said she wanted to spend more time in the community, Shawn supported her in finding activities she'd like to participate in.

"I love what I do," said Shawn. "They've become so much a part of me and my life; I miss them when I'm not there."

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Lindsey Drabick - Direct Support Professional (DSP)


Lindsey started participating as a volunteer in Best Buddies when she was a freshman in high school. Though assigned to someone else, she got to know Katelyn fairly well, and they had several mutual friends.

Flash forward a few years, and Katelyn's parents reached out to Lindsey to ask if she would consider working as a DSP at The Arc. "It wasn't a career I had thought of for myself," she said. "But I like the work, and it's made my relationship with Katelyn so much stronger."

Lindsey now works part-time in the evenings with Katelyn as her Personal Support Assistant, anywhere from 5-15 hours per week. Her schedule looks different every day because it centers on what Katelyn wants to do. Their time together includes everything from working out at the YMCA to cooking dinner together, shopping at the mall to grabbing a drink with friends.

Lindsey is grateful for the deeper relationship she has developed with Katelyn. "She's incredibly independent," she said. "Yes, we work on healthy eating and exercise, and we do fun things like art—but I'm really there for her as a friend. As someone to talk to and help her process emotions and work through specific situations."

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Tammy Minarik - Direct Support Professional (DSP)


Tammy is no stranger to the work of a DSP and the variety of roles they play—she's done all of them for her son over the last thirty years. During the pandemic, Tammy decided it was time for a change in career after more than 17 years as a pastry chef.

Tammy joined The Arc and now works full-time as a Community Coach. She supports five people to be more independent and engage with the community.

"The real joy in life comes from doing the things that make the people you care about feel good," Tammy said. She takes the time to get to know and understand each person she supports and has created strong bonds with their family and friends.

Learning more about each person has helped her connect them more strongly to the community, whether that's through the Thursday bowling league they started, taking road trips to explore local state parks, or just creating opportunities for them to be where they want when they want.

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