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Our agency applies for grants throughout the fiscal year to obtain funding for families who have a child with a developmental or intellectual disability. Most of our applications only require you to include documentation of disability (such as the first page of an IEP or doctor’s evaluation). Our grants typically run through fiscal year, but sometimes receive funding at other points in the year, so we encourage families apply, no matter what time of the year!

Please fill out one of the applications below and either email or snail mail it back to us by the date specified.

Educational Advocacy

This advocacy program provides assistance to families who have questions and concerns about special education. We help you navigate the system, create and update individual education plans (IEPs), direct you to resources and work with the school system to make positive changes.

Apply for assistance here.

Transition Series

The Life Transition Series is comprised of seven workshops designed to provide families of students with disabilities who are transitioning from school to adult services, with valuable information and resources to facilitate a successful transition.

Each session will focus on a specific topic providing information that is crucial for preparing to enter adult life.

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The Arc Central Chesapeake Region Family and Children’s Resource Guide

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